ABUS SUPER ULTIMATE 420 230 x 118 mm

3,400 ден

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Шифра: Z0505 Категорија:

Weight: 1.6800
Security level: 9 on the ABUS scale
Lock type: KEY
Diameter: 14.0000, MILLIMETER
Additional information: – Shackle, body and other important metal elements
made of hardened steel to increase
cut, crush and bend resistance
– ABUS Premium Cylinder offers a high degree
tear protection
– Shackle locking on both sides
– Innovative shackle protection prevents damage
– Handle included
– Excellent safety-to-weight ratio
– 2 keys included

Z0505T4CZP000204BKU-LOCK SUPER ULTIMATE 420 230 x 118 mm D T4CZP000204BK

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