SUPER ULTIMATE 410 230 x 118 mm

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U-LOCK SUPER ULTIMATE 410 230 x 118 mm D (T4CZP000205BK)

Simple, strong and aggressive design fits perfectly with this U-lock. The Ultra 410 is a minimalism that conceals many technologically advanced security solutions. The 12 mm diameter shekel is made of tempered steel and like the Super Ultimate 430 and Ultimate 420, passes through the entire length of the fastener body. It is blocked on both sides by steel bolts, providing even greater protection against torsion, bending and cutting attacks.
The Ultra 410 is covered with a soft plastic cover to protect it from damaging body paint. As with all ABUS locks, it is characterized by high corrosion resistance.

Head outer material: temper hardened steel with plastic composite outer casing.
Mechanism Type: key
Shackle height and width Inner: 230 mm x 108 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
Weight: 1,09 kg
Additional information:
– Shackle, body, and supporting elements made from temper hardened steel for cut and torsion resistance
– Pass-through shackle provides anti-twist protection
– Double layered cylinder with special wafers and additional decoy cuttings protects against picking
– Innovative soft touch housing cover prevents damage to paint
– SH 34 bracket mounts easily to frames with a 24-35mm diameter
– 2 keys are supplied with the lock

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