GYRO 5W CREE SmartBeam AutoO

3,400 ден



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A technologically advanced lamp made of aluminum and ABS.
Equipped with 4 LEDs from the renowned Cree company and a discharge sensor
battery, charged via USB. The unique assembly system organizes
cockpit space. The technologies used make it an ULTRA lamp.
The Smart Beam sensor automatically adjusts its power to the light intensity
environment, Power Energy Saver Control technology violates the Law of Conservation
Matter, extending the working time to 3 – 20 hours (depending on the intensity
surrounding light). Cut-off line – directs the light beam where it depends
for cyclists – for the road, not to the sky, it makes maximum use
power of the lamp, additionally prevents dazzling drivers
from opposite. The cornering system turns on automatically after
dusk. The light detection system automatically switches the light mode
from High to Low when it detects another light source. Built-in
the accelerometer will automatically turn on the light when motion is detected,
turns off when the bike is stationary. Daytime lighting mode during the day
turns on automatically, when passing through the tunnel, the passage
underground, at dusk or in the rain, i.e. in places where quantity
light is limited, the lamp will automatically switch from lighting mode
daylight in main lighting mode. At night the lamp automatically turns on
in main lighting mode, and the brightness will change
automatically depending on the brightness of the surroundings. Durable and
Sealed housing protects well against water penetration by allowing
use in difficult weather conditions. We recommend
for installation on road bikes or other bikes where the handlebar stem
is set with a negative angle.

Working time: 20H
Weight: 136
Technologies: – Smart Beam – Day Light – Cut off line – Auto ON / OFF – Mobility Current – Auto High / Low Beam Switch – Curve Light – AMPR Tec. – Speed ​​Tec. – PESC Tec.
Range: ≥ 155 m
Mounting location: FRONT
Material: Aluminum, ABS
Light temperature: ≥ 6000 K
Light source: 4 Cree LEDs: 1 x XPG, 3 x XPE with 8W power
Light power: 140
Illumination: 90 lux / 10 m
Dimensions: 90 × 44 × 46 mm
Charging time: 3 hours
Charging method: USB


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