Pure Ride BLACK

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Cycling glasses will be useful for every cyclist who cares about the health of his eyes. These glasses not only protect the eyesight against sun rays, but also against sand, dust, mud or insects, which are easy to get into the eye – especially during intense driving, fast descents or driving against the wind.


The characteristics of the Pure Ride cycling glasses

Pure Ride cycling glasses are a proposal that meets the expectations of even the most demanding cyclists. It is a classic model with a flexible but strong frame made of the highest quality CX material, which, in combination with polycarbonate lenses, creates glasses with extraordinary durability and strength. An unquestionable advantage is the exceptional lightness of this model – you don’t really feel these glasses on your nose.

Pure Ride has an anti-fog system, thanks to which the lenses do not fog up even during extreme effort. In addition, they also use a UV400 filter, completely blocking harmful radiation, thus effectively protecting the user’s eyes against the negative consequences of prolonged exposure to sunlight.

In addition, the lens of the glasses has also a REVO color coating, otherwise known as mirror, which gives a mirror effect, reflecting the sun’s rays even more effectively than ordinary lenses. This solution is perfect especially where sunlight reflects more strongly – over water or in snow-covered places.

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