Chainstay protector LEVEL 10-TE

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A high-class accessory

Countertech Level 10-TE frame cover is another version of high-class accessories that are designed to protect the bicycle frame against chain hits. The product is made of high quality raw material, thanks to which it will work in all, even the most extreme conditions.


High quality of the frame cover

The presented bicycle cover under the frame is extremely resistant. While driving, it protects the frame, especially against mechanical damage and impacts, and thanks to the high-class materials it is puncture-proof. The proprietary blend of plastic made in the Counter Tech ® technology is responsible for such high efficiency . The material from which it is made is not stretchy, so the cover can last on the frame for many seasons.


Easy and quick assembly of the cover under the frame

The Countertech Level 10-TE frame cover can be easily and quickly installed, even for cycling enthusiasts. For this purpose, it has a ready-made adhesive strip, factory-applied to each copy. It is very durable, but in order for it to stick, before applying the cover, you should thoroughly degrease and then dry the bicycle frame. It is also worth paying attention to the classic design, thanks to which the cover will fit the frame in any color.

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