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PRO ONE bottle cages

Bicycle accessories enable a more comfortable ride for people involved in cycling professionally, as well as for passion or entertainment. A practical proposition for every athlete is the Kross Pro One bottle holder. Mounted on the frame, it allows you to keep the water bottle within reach. Adequate hydration of the body, both during trips outside the city and on long-distance rallies, is crucial in getting the best performance and minimizing fatigue.

Safe and easy attachment

The Kross water bottle cage is easy to install on the frame of a two-wheeler. The water bottle inserted in the holder can be reached at almost any time comfortably and safely. Keeping water in the basket in front of the handlebars may prove impractical as the water bottle can easily fall on the road. This will not happen with the Kross handle, which is stable and durable. It was made of a mixture of nylon and carbon fiber, which is perfect for this type of construction.

Light and flexible bottle cages

The weight of the Kross water bottle holder is only 19 grams. So it is ultra-light, which positively affects the overall comfort of cycling. Choosing the lowest possible weight bike accessories is very important when the bike itself weighs a lot. The proposed basket is also flexible thanks to the materials used for its construction.


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