ABUS 4804K 0,4 X 75 CM RED

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It doesn’t matter what kind of bike you ride, everyone needs adequate protection against theft. That’s why we’ve created a high-quality ABUS Steel-O-Chain 4804K chain that will keep your bike safe when you have to leave it unattended. You will be able to secure your bike in a simple and quick way and be sure that it will be waiting for you where you left it.

Secure your bike against theft

Good bike protection is essential. Therefore, when you choose ABUS Steel-O-Chain, you can be sure that your two-wheeler is properly protected.

The ABUS Steel-O-Chain consists of 4 mm square eyelets that make it difficult to cut. To make it even more difficult, it is placed in a soft fabric, which is also responsible for protecting the bicycle frame against scratches. The chain is equipped with a special lock with an automatic cylinder insert. This means that you don’t need a key to lock the bike into the desired place. You only need the key when you want to go on.

The ABUS Steel-O-Chain bicycle chain is designed for use in areas with a low to medium risk of theft.

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