Пумпа Kross WASP GY T4CPO000113GY – Z0271

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Шифра: Z0271 Категорија:

A very light pump that can become a companion on any trip.
Fastening in the place where the bottle is placed makes it easy to transport. Blockade
crimped on the valve makes pumping easier. The pump has a container, in
which can be placed, for example, a set of patches, making it fully functional
Repair Kit.

Size: one size
Weight: 76.0000
Valves supported: D_V, av, fv
Maximum pressure: 80 PSI
Material: Reinforced plastic
Length: 25.0000, CENTIMETER
Mounting: Handle attached to the holes of the water bottle basket
– Frame mounting bracket
– Place for tools or inner tube repair kit
– Locking lever

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