Set of mudguards OSPREY II SDE 24-29 BK Z0520

900.00 ден


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The Kross Osprey II SDE fender set is perfect for fans of quick assembly and disassembly. Thanks to special adapters, it will satisfy lovers of demanding routes and difficult conditions. A special profile with original optics, designed for the new generation of bicycles with suspension forks. While driving, the fender turns with the wheel, all the time being in a short distance from the tire, ensuring optimal protection while driving on any terrain. The fork structure and the use of a double joint in the rear fender enable a good fit of the fender to the ergonomics of the frame and the wheel. Thanks to the double adjustment of the rear fender, it can be positioned as close to the rear tire as possible, which has a significant impact on the protection against mud.

Wheel size : 24 “- 29”
Mounting :
– front with SPEEDclick fork adapter,
– with SPEEDclamp seatpost adapter,
Maximum seat post diameter : universal,
Weight : 398 g


Z0520 Set of mudguards OSPREY II SDE 24-29 BK  T4CBL260158BK

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