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Le Grand are stylish city bikes, clearly referring to classic bike frames used in metropolises over the years, with a distinct note of retro climate, but in a definitely modern version.
Le Grand is five lines for adults and two for young fans of two wheels. Each of them differs in character, but invariably they all have an attachment to good style.
The offer also includes stylish accessories: lighting, baskets for sirloin, racks and bags that will emphasize the character of your city bike.

The Virginia 4 is a carefully crafted classic Dutch-style bike that is the perfect choice for retro cyclists in love. In addition to the extremely attractive appearance, it is also functional, comfortable and good to drive. The 7-speed drive allows you to adjust the load on the drive to suit your needs. It is also impossible to mention stylish accessories such as full fenders, a trunk and a wicker basket for the steering wheel, a full stylish chain cover, a cover for the rear wheel (necessary so that your dress is not dirty from the tire ), footer, bell. An additional flavor is the battery-powered lighting, ideally suited in style, and the saddle suspended on springs color-matched with the handles for greater comfort. Both of these elements are made of good quality leather.

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