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Le Grand Viriginia 2 is our proposal of the perfect bike from the originials segment. Look at it, close your eyes and imagine how you traverse boulevards and city paths on it. It will surprise you with comfort and how good it will fit into your style. Relax, slow traversing the city will become your favorite way to spend time, and thanks to the upright position you will have the perfect opportunity to observe your surroundings. Le Grand Virginia 2 is a city bike that you’ll immediately fall in love with.


Le Grand Virginia 2 was built based on high quality and durable Shimano components for city bikes. The Shimano Nexus derailleur hidden in the rear wheel supports 3 gears, so you’ll always find the one that’s right for the current situation.

The bike has also been equipped with two brakes, thanks to which you can easily brake even in the most in-situ situation. Large, 28-inch wheels make it easy to overcome all difficulties and curbs that can get in your way.

Le Grand Virginia 2 also comes with a range of accessories. To free you from all kinds of backpacks and bags, a durable luggage rack has been mounted on the bike, on which you can also mount bicycle panniers. On the steering wheel there is a plastic basket in which you can easily transport your purse. To protect your clothing when the rain catches you or immediately after it stops, full fenders are mounted on the bike. In your new city bike you will also find a bell and a support that will be useful whenever you want to take a coffee break.


The Le Grand Virginia 2 city bike is made of high quality steel, thanks to which it perfectly dampens vibrations and is resistant to damage. The steel fork absorbs all vibrations very well as a result of driving on damaged surfaces or cobblestones.

Suggested frame size: 

M: 166 – 175 cm, L: 176 – 185 cm

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