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  • Големина на тркало : 26
  • Брзини: 3 Shimano Nexus 
  • Рамка: Алуминиум
  • Предна главина: 32H
  • Задна главина: Shimano Nexus SG-3R40
  • Предни кочници: V-brake
  • Задни кочници: Shimano Nexus SG-3R40
  • Рачки: VLG 105
  • Гуми: 26″ × 1,95″
  • Светла:  Преднo и задно рефлектори

Lille is a beautiful city  located in northern France. It is also our bike designed for every resident of a large city. Always busy, always operating at high speed. To meet you and relieve you of your daily duties, LeGrand Lille 3 was created  Whether you are meeting a friend in a cafe  or rushing to an important business meeting in the city center – Lille 3  will always be with you.

LeGrand Lille 3  is an aluminum frame with a steel fork. This combination ensures the bicycle’s low weight and excellent vibration damping properties due to poor quality surfaces. The Shimano Nexus rear hub  with 3 gears will help you adjust the gear to the current terrain, and two v-brakes  will stop you firmly and effectively in all conditions. The upright position behind the wheel will help you see the dangers lurking in the city, and the chain guard and full fenders will protect your clothing from damage. 26 inch wheels will help you overcome obstacles such as curbs, and wide tires will help maintain stability while driving.

We have equipped LeGrand Lille 3  with a rear rack that facilitates carrying additional things and a support that helps to position the bike during a coffee break in a cafe. In addition, it has a steel basket in which you can comfortably transport the purse, and grips made of ecological leather will help hold the steering wheel in your hands.

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