Ebike Pro M Man

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Comfortable gel saddle, covered with synthetic leather, provides a high level of
comfort even during long rides. The lining made of two layers
ensures a better distribution of body weight and improves the absorption of shocks
caused by uneven terrain. Gel inserts reduce pressure on
the ischial bones and the pubic bone. Double
Density technology shell combines flexibility with comfort. The indentation in the central
part of the shell reduces the pressure of sensitive areas and does not impair proper
blood circulation. ArcTech technology increases the flexibility of the saddle, improving
shock absorption and ride comfort. The steel bars are equipped with
printed scale, making it easier to position the saddle on the seatpost. Weight: 578.0000
Technologies: ArcTech, Zone Cut
Bars: hardened steel
Dimensions: 282 x 188 mm

Z0883 Ebike Pro M Man T4CSI000880BK

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