2in1 hybrid mini pump MARIN fit w. tread

2,100.00 ден


Kross Marin pump a modern pump, made of light aluminum alloy. Hybrid technology was used, which allows pumping both in a standard way and with a CO2 cartridge. The pump head has two separate channels for each of these technologies, which significantly increases the level of safety of use. The pump works with commonly available threaded CO2 cartridges. Works with AV and FV valves. The rubber plug will prevent dust from entering the CO2 valve, and the composite handle screwed under the bottle will make the pump handy whenever we need it.

The most important features:

  • made of light aluminum alloy
  • pressure 120 PSI
  • length 23 cm
  • weight 126g
  • fixed with a bottle holder
  • CO2 cartridge included


The average pressure that can be achieved with one CO2 cartridge (16g) is:

  • 35 PSI for a MTB tire
  • 100 PSI for a road tire
Z0821 2in1 hybrid mini pump MARIN fit w. tread T4CPO000124BK

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